The Ethos Referral Bonus

Introducing the Ethos Referral Bonus



Everyone likes a bit of extra income. Ethos are now rewarding any customer who provides us with a qualified lead with 20% of the first year’s profit from the monthly income it generates.

We call this reward your Referral Bonus.

All you need to do is identify a business who is interested in changing or introducing a new IT provider, give them an honest and positive reference for ourselves, and arrange for us to give them a call at a time of their choosing.

That’s it.

All of our existing customers are automatically eligible for this. Simply inform us of when you have a qualified lead who is happy to be contacted and pass us their details.

We like keeping things simple.



Terms and Conditions


What is a qualified lead?

For a lead to be ‘qualified’ it must meet these criteria:

  • You have established that the person/company is either open to changing their IT provider, or is interested in introducing one.
  • You have given Ethos a positive (and honest) reference to the customer.
  • You have obtained consent from a decision maker to take a phonecall from Ethos to discuss further.

The customer must then sign on within 3 months of your referral being submitted.


How much will I make?

As an example, a customer who signs up to a £300 monthly Managed Support contract, you would make £720 for this lead.

Their final monthly payment is determined by the number of devices within the customer’s company and our proposal process.


When do I get paid?

Your Referral Bonus is paid in full at month three of the contract, after the new customer has paid their first two monthly payments.


How long does the customer need to sign up for?

All of our IT Support contracts are one year long. After that the customer has the power to stay with us or to change. We will use those 12 months to make the case for them to stay.


Why might they want to change to Ethos?

  • Our short and flexible contracts are attractive to customers, and they include unlimited remote and local assistance.
  • We provide a full healthcheck at the beginning of the contract to let the customer ‘feel’ the benefits of the service from the very beginning.
  • Ethos does not employ sales or marketing people. All of our services are customer-focused and not commission-driven.
  • Our staff are friendly and accomodating.
  • Our costs are typically lower than the market rate as we do not have a sales team taking commission from every contract.
  • We can provide references from existing customers of many sizes and industries from recognisable charities, solicitors, utility providers and high-street retailers.


When might I mention this to someone?

  • You are aware of a customer or associate who is experiencing problems with their IT infrastructure or existing supplier.
  • You know a company who has grown and matured without ever reviewing their IT needs.
  • You hear of a bad experience with a supplier over-charging or under-delivering.
  • There is another clear pain point being caused by their IT and they are anxious about speaking to anyone about it.


How do I submit a referral?

Contact us and we will direct you to our referral form.


Is there any limit on referrals?

There is no limit on the referrals that can be submitted by a single customer, however if the process is abused or you repeatedly submit referrals that do not meet the criteria, or otherwise behave in a manner detrimental to Ethos or to any another party, your access will be revoked without warning.

We may also from time to time stop accepting new customers due to our capacity to service our existing customers being reached. During these periods the referral form will be disabled and the scheme will be temporarily suspended.


Why are you doing this?

At Ethos we dislike pressure selling tactics and aggressive sales. The customer’s confidence and trust is always the first casualty of these tactics.

However we still wish to grow as a business.

To that end, we want to generate a positive buzz with our existing customers and reward them handsomely for spreading the word. For us, this is a more ethical and friendly way than the alternatives.