About Us

It’s time for a change.


Ethos IT Solutions has been formed to disrupt the IT market in Scotland through both quality of service, positive relationship building and embracing modern trends in service delivery.

Our services embrace shorter contracts, trust-building and pro-customer flexibility.

Where IT has traditionally been considered a dark art, we wish to demystify and treat it for what should be: A positive and exciting part of a business which is now finally accessible, understandable and desirable.

That’s why we want to talk to you.

We believe complex technical solutions should be presented by the capable and technical people who know them. They can remove the complexity and communicate the benefits clearly and confidently. The end product should match what was discussed in the initial meeting, including any practical anomalies or unavoidable quirks.

The technologies we work with have been used and supported by us for years. We know the intricacies of how they work and how to tailor them to a customer’s requirements. We know their shortcomings and will fully disclose those before commiting.

This honesty and desire to succeed with our customers is what separates us from the rest.

Our shortest contracts are just 1 year. We want customers to choose to stay with us, and not have to be forced into it. It is often said customers talk about negative experiences more than positive ones. We believe an experience that is positive enough will be talked about equally so.

One of our main goals is exactly that: To make people talk.

Through a fresh, friendly and reliable service, we believe people will be doing exactly that.


Give us a call today on 0141 343 8373 to arrange your free consultation.