Systemise Your Business

Zoho Business Suite

Simple. Extensive. Automated. Integrated.

Take your office everywhere.

At Ethos we love mobility. We love having everything at our fingertips no matter where we are.

Whether it’s your favourite coffee shop, a library, a room in your home or a hotel, your office is no longer a static place – it is wherever, and whenever, you need it to be. From a laptop, tablet or phone, you have full sight and control of your business.

The Zoho Suite is part of our unified Ethos IT Suite offering to our customers which also includes Managed IT, Hosted PBX and maintenance for both. We vouch for it because, inside our company, we use it.

Zoho is modular, meaning you only pay for what you use. It is priced on a modern pricing model with no contract or commitment. If you sign up in January, you can cancel it in February.

The Suite includes CRM, Mail, Bookkeeping, Accounts, People Management, Remote Assistance, Customer Helpdesk, Electronic Contracts and more.

Let’s look at a few of these components in detail.


Zoho CRM

A reliable, low-cost CRM solution that comes with no contract and spans all your devices.

Within CRM, you will have a record and a timeline of every interaction that your company has had with the customer, including:

  • Email
  • Past and current support tickets/queries
  • Sales orders
  • Invoices and Payments
  • Notes
  • Ongoing projects
  • Task management, calendar invites, notes and more.

Does the customer have an overdue invoice? Through integration with Books, Zoho will warn you at the top of the record. Do you have a pending task approaching deadline? Zoho will notify you with a link to the customer’s record.

From the integrated smartphone app, in addition to all of the standard functionality above, you can navigate directly to the customer’s address and call them directly from the CRM record.

Zoho Books

An all in one invoicing, bookkeeping and payment processing solution.

View your daily, weekly and quarterly profit and loss reports on your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Photograph and attach your fuel receipt to the transaction as soon as it’s paid for in the forecourt.

Zoho Books is an all-in-one accounting, bookkeeping, invoicing and automatic payment handler. Its features include:

  • Full, friendly and simple business book keeping functionality with Bank Feed integration.
  • Easy automatic reconciliation of invoices when customer pays via integrated payment processor.
  • Quick single-click reconciliation of Cash, BACS and Cheque payments.
  • Full automated customer journey from Sales Order to Payment Received, with customer able to view invoices and annual statement via the optional Portal.
  • Real time alerts and reports inform you of outstanding payments, late payments, failed payments with automatic retries.
  • Fully featured expense and income categorisation, receipt scanning facility via smartphone to record paperwork.
  • Fully compliant with HMRC MTD (‘Making Tax Digital), HMRC certified for ‘Digital Record Keeping’ and ‘Submit VAT Return’.


Zoho Mail

Low cost email with full Calendar, Tasks and fully Outlook-compatible.

Not only will your Outlook look and behave exactly as it did before for calendars, tasks and mail, but now all communications that go in and out of the company are captured by Zoho CRM as well.

But there’s more:

  • Auto-complete in the ‘To’ address field driven by your CRM Leads and Customers address list.
  • Recall sent emails for up to 30 seconds after it has already been sent.
  • ‘Email Insights’ captured by CRM and stored against customer CRM record.
  • Calendar, Notes, Tasks, Contacts functionality.
  • Calendar integration with the Zoho CRM Calendar for customer-linked appointments.
  • Unlimited custom domain names and email addresses pointing to a single mailbox.
  • Scheduling to auto-send email at a later time or date, or simply “next morning”.



The Zoho Suite comprises a feature-rich array of line-of-business apps that work across all platforms and devices.

A thriving extension ecosystem also allows integration with a a variety of third party platforms to handle social media, marketing, support desks, hosted phone systems, messaging, video conferencing and more.

Other Zoho Apps include:

Zoho Sign for handling electronic documents and signatures from customers prior to a project.

Zoho Docs for cloud-hosted branded authoring and publishing of proposals and documents.

Zoho People for leave-tracking, human resources and people management.

Zoho Subscriptions for recurring opt-in subscription payments for services through a website.

Zoho Desk for handling and tracking customer queries and support requests.


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