Welcome Your Customers In Style

Ethos Voice Marketing

Included free of charge with Ethos Voice Platinum, impress your customers with professionally recorded and mixed Welcome, Hold and Out of Hours messages.

Just select your preferred professional voice actor and music from the options below and you can listen to samples and demonstrations of how your company could sound to new customers.

Once the actor has recorded their lines, they will be mixed with the music of your choice and then added into your phone system by us.


Click on a piece of music from the list on the left.

Click on a name from the list on the right.

Adjust the volume controls to hear what it will sound like.

Once you’ve decided on the right sound for your business, you then write a maximum of 150 words that you want your customers to hear.

After that, let us know and we will get your audio file created and added into your Ethos Voice system.