Ethos Voice

No contract. No upfront.


Traditional phone systems rely on upfront investment, ownership of hardware, and equipment being held on-premise.

These systems are frequently paid for through a lease agreement that will lock you in for between 3 and 5 years and includes front-loaded expenses such as the equipment.

It’s time to move past that.


Hosted Unified Communication

Say Goodbye to hardware, and Hello to software.

‘Unified Comms’ means your phone system is ‘unified’ and available across all of your devices. This means you can call from an App on your smartphone, you can call from an App on your laptop or desktop, you can call from a deskphone, you can call from a tablet.

It can be a video call, an audio call, a conference call, a screen sharing call. It can run on any Windows, Apple and Android device.

Welcome to Ethos Voice.


The Future of Telecommunications

Ethos Voice is a product designed to reduce a phone system from a large investment down to a simple paid monthly service, but without losing any functionality.

There is no need for billable engineer time to install it, there is no hardware to maintain, above else… there are no upfront costs.

You get all the functionality of a traditional PBX, including auto-attendant menus, call recording, voicemail, diverts, hold music, transferring…

… but now you can call from home. You can call from another country and appear to be in the local office. Using the softphone App, your office is now¬†anywhere using mobile data. Any calls made from your device of choice will appear to be from your main office number.


A Phone System That Follows You

Your staff can be working from home from smartphones and you will have the same phone system functionality as if you were sharing an office together.

You can make and receive calls from your landline number as you walk up the street, or as you sit in a restaurant.

Ethos Voice also offers advanced integration with CRM systems to automatically log call dates and times against customers, and to inform you of who is calling before you answer.



The cost of Ethos Voice scales from 1 user up to thousands. For business with just a few users, you can now have Enterprise-level phone functionality without the upfront cost or long-term commitment that would usually bring.

For larger scale operations, your virtual off-premise Ethos Voice system will handle as many calls and users you can throw at it.


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